Evaluation of an industrial robotic assistant in an ecological environment

B Busch, G Cotugno, M Khoramshahi, G Skaltsas, D Turchi, L Urbano, M Wachter, Y Zhou, T Asfour, G Deacon, D Russell, A Billard
(2019) ROMAN

Social robotic assistants have been widely studied and deployed as telepresence tools or caregivers. Evaluating their design and impact on the people interacting with them is of prime importance. In this research, we evaluate the usability and impact of ARMAR-6, an industrial robotic assistant for maintenance tasks. For this evaluation, we have used a modified System Usability Scale (SUS) to assess the general usability of the robotic system and the Godspeed questionnaire series for the subjective perception of the coworker. We have also recorded the subjects’ gaze fixation patterns and analyzed how they differ when working with the robot compared to a human partner.