From human physical interaction to online motion adaptation using parameterized dynamical systems

M Khoramshahi, A Laurens, T Triquet, A Billard
(2018) IROS

In this work, we present an adaptive motion planning approach for impedance-controlled robots to modify their tasks based on human physical interactions. We use a class of parameterized time-independent dynamical systems for motion generation where the modulation of such parameters allows for motion flexibility. To adapt to human interactions, we update the parameters of our dynamical system in order to reduce the tracking error (i.e., between the desired trajectory generated by the dynamical system and the real trajectory influenced by the human interaction). We provide analytical analysis and several simulations of our method. Finally, we investigate our approach through real world experiments with a 7-DOF KUKA LWR 4+ robot performing tasks such as polishing and pick-and-place.