(2014) AlterEgo

Designing new human-artificial agent interactions through the concept of similarity in order to enhance human social competence

The objective of AlterEgo is the creation of an interactive cognitive architecture, implementable in various artificial agents, allowing a continuous interaction with patients suffering from social disorders. The AlterEgo architecture is rooted in complex systems, machine learning and computer vision. The project will produce a new robotic-based clinical method able to enhance social interaction of patients. This new method will change existing therapies, will be applied to a variety of pathologies and will be individualized to each patient. AlterEgo opens the door to a new generation of social artificial agents in service robotics.

Location: LASA, EPFL, Lausanne, Switzerland [Apr. 2014 – Oct. 2016]
Supervisors: Prof. Aude Billard
Funding: European project FP7-ICT-600610
My role in this project: Scientific researcher


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